Step back from the Games

For the armchair enthusiast, GoGaelic provides a complete and concise introduction to the proud tradition of gaelic games in Ireland before allowing participants to view a competitive match for themselves.
In a 30 minute audio-visual and practical presentation, GoGaelic experts guide participants through the history, culture, rules and objectives of hurling and gaelic football, with visual aids and physical examples of the equipment needed for the modern player. The package culminates in a hurling exhibition provided by local players to give participants the chance to actually see the games being played.

The two hour demonstration includes:

  • An Audio-Visual presentation of the rules, culture and history of the games.
  • A physical demonstration by GoGaelic experts into how the games are played.
  • A sample of the equipment used to play the games.
  • Complimentary refreshments accompanied by a questions and answers forum.
  • A live hurling exhibition game to familarise yourself further with the games.
  • And for the more adventurous, a voluntary opportunity to sample the games yourselves.


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